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August 2010

2010 Golden Bullet Championship

If a large turnout makes a match a success then the 2010 Golden Bullet Championship was very successful. The match drew approximately 190 shooters. Congrats to Vince Sargentini and all his staff and helpers. It was smooth, well run match. Also, congratulations to a few TASC shooters who did well at the GBC.

Ira Wieny, 2nd place Limited-10
Manny Newman, 2nd place B, Limited
Rodgers Anderson, 4th place Limited-10

The tentative site for the 2011 GBC is Sloughhouse. If you want to help with the match in any way, contact a TASC board member. It will be an April match and match activity will have to start soon.

Carl Schmidt has retired as the Northern California Section Coordinator. He was given a rifle with scope as a thank you gift at the GBC. Thanks for all your years of great service Carl.

Former TASC president and current TASC member James Saburomaru has stepped forward to take his place. Thanks James, and now we get all the National slots we want !!

The results for the TASC second quarter are in. Four shooters won trophies / tags.

David Ponce – Open, Match Winner
Jay Saoud – Limited 10, Match Winner
Anthony Regala – Production, Match Winner
Len Fyock – Single Stack, Match Winner

Remember, the more shooters who attend, the more awards given out !!

See you on the Range...

A message to TASC,
from James Saburomaru...
A message from Roy Mayeda...  
Bob Jones
Bob Jones...
Dave and Judy
Hasta la vista, San Jose.
Hola Mesa!

Thank you Johnny!

Johnny Lim, the entrepreneur and perpetually innovative gunsmith of LimCat Custom has been a major sponsor of the Bay Bridge Charity Classic for many years. Many TASC members have been his customer (actually, some of them are a little too competitive with LimCat equipment). This year, to acknowledge his support, Johnny was made an Honorary Member of TASC for Life, for all of his contributions to the club.


Club elections held July 24

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, so to speak. The current board members and other elected positions will remain the same. In addition, Len Fyock has been added as a board member.


Erik's going out with a bang!

Subject: June 26 hose-o-rama
Date: 14 Jun 99 15:42:03 -0700
From: Erik Warren

To atone for the June 12 accuracy-intensive TASC match, June 26 will be more of a hoser match, with an unusually high round count. No hardcovered partial targets. No no-shoot covered partials. No targets beyond 20 yards. No long plate shots. No prone shooting from smelly old carpets. No fixed time stages.


Please forward this to TASC shooters not on this message's address list and please mention the high round count to e-mail-challenged TASC shooters you might talk to.

I'll be designing the stages to be littered with your empty magazines but I'll need help constructing them. Also, I need someone to supervise building the classifier.

--Erik, lame duck match director


Fun shoot scheduled for July 24th

This is a day the club gives a little something back to the membership. The morning stages will count as a match for the quarter. The afternoon will be reserved for a BBQ and some fun shooting events, maybe even American Handgunner style shoot offs and some stake shoots.


Slots for the Nationals to be awarded on May 22

TASC has been awarded one slot each for the 1999 Open and Limited Nationals.

These slots will be awarded by a drawing. More may be awarded as they become available. To participate in the May 22 drawing you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a paid member of TASC, both currently and during 1998 season.

  • You must have competed for a trophy in a quarterly tournament in a given division during 1998.
    This means you msut have shot in the division (Open/Limited) of your choice for
    2 or more matches in the 1st quarter, or
    4 or more matches in the 2nd or 3rd quarter, or
    3 or more matches in the 4th quarter.

  • You can apply for both the Limited and Open slot, if you qualified as listed above in both divisions.

  • The slot is not transferable. If you cannot use the slot, it must be given to the next person from the drawing.

  • Your name must be submitted to James Saburomaru before midnight on May 21.

Good luck, and Viva Las Vegas!


Change of address for this site

This site can now be reached through a slightly simpler address: will also work-- a page will appear that directs the user to the site.

The old address still will still work as well.

December 26th Match Shooters

From Len Fyock, Match Director for the Fall Quarter

Subject: Dec. 26 Match
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 10:37:15 -0800 (PST)
From: Len Fyock

If you WILL be attending the Dec. 26 match (the day after Xmas) you must do one of the following by December 15:

1. Fill out the sign up sheet at the Dec. 12 match, or

2. E-mail Len Fyock, or

3. Call Len at (408) 732-9758

I need your NAME and PHONE number if and only if you WILL be there. If we do not have enough sign ups by Dec. 15 the match will become a practice session. I will call those who have signed up if this happens.

TASC Annual Toy Frenzy

It's time to take the money from the Charity Match and buy the toys!
Come on down and join in the fun.

Saturday, December 5th, 8:30AM.
At the Walmart in Milpitas,
at the McCarthy Ranch, near where the 237 and 880 meet.
For more details, contact Mark Van Zevern, 510-581-1490.

Help wanted for the December 12th Match

From Len Fyock, Match Director for the Fall Quarter

Subject: Dec. 12 Match
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 10:36:35 -0800 (PST)
From: Len Fyock

Volunteers are needed to design and help set up the stages for the Dec. 12 match. If you can help call Len at (408) 732-9758 or e-mail him - A classifier from 98 has been selected and needs a volunteer to claim it also. Remember, if you help with a morning stage you must be there by 7:30.


Single stack match on November 28th

From Len Fyock, Match Director for the Fall Quarter

Subject: singlestack
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 10:36:30 -0800 (PST)
From: el spud

Per conversations with James and an edict from the TASC Board I am declaring the Nov. 28 match the TASC Single Stack Match. Those of us shooting wide bodies will be limited to 10 rounds per mag. A shooter may start with 10 + 1. This applies to BOTH Limited and Open classes. There will be 4 single stack friendly stages with no classifier. Actually, the "friendly" part is debatable as I am going to urge the designers to challenge the shooters reloading abilities.

... James said we could probably have a trophy for the highest finishing REAL single stack limited gun. No wide bodies or race guns eligible for this special plaque.


A note about the Charity Match

From Mark Van Zevern, Charity Match Director

Subject: BBCC
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 23:34:52 EDT


I want to thank all the members of TASC who participated in the 1998 Charity Match, both as shooters and also those who didn't shoot but came out on Friday and helped set up.

This year we had 10 more shooters than last year, increased the value of both the shooters prize table and the evening raffle and most importantly, raised more money for Toys for Tots than any of the five previous years.

None of this would have been possible without the help of you who worked hard on the match.

Shortly I will be setting a date with Walmart for our toy buying spree. It will be towards the end of Nov. I will let everyone know the date/time at the first match in Nov.


Club classes are out; USPSA classes are in

With the consent of the Board of Directors, TASC matches will no longer establish and maintain club classes for shooters. Competitors will now use their USPSA classification. Shooters who do not belong to USPSA will shoot as unclassified for the time being, or until they have established a class with USPSA.

Some reasons for the change:

  • Originally, club classes were a good way for shooters of medium to low skill levels to compete with each other. Classes were given after 3 matches.
  • The match percentages were determined by the winner, who may be of moderate skill level (less than USPSA Master class).
  • A shooter was only supposed to rise one level at a time.
  • Competitors who also shoot at or very near the next class percentage were encouraged to move up to the next class.
  • With this method, more shooters were moving up through the ranks at a much faster rate than normal, as it was possible for a person to move up one class per quarter. The basic rule, however, required a shooter to win a trophy in class before promotion. But in order for a trophy to be awarded, there was supposed to be at least three shooters in a class.
  • Shooters (especially in Open) were getting stranded in their class and could not advance because of the various number of shooters competing in the classes and divisions.
  • In order to compensate for the stranded shooters, allowances were made so a shooter could advance if their percentage was in the higher class.
  • And finally, stranded shooters in class as well as others have asked to be promoted, sometimes more than one class.
  • TASC members' classes have become sufficiently inflated, that visiting shooters must be reclassified by guesswork to compete fairly in a match.
  • All in all, a system that began with good intentions has evolved to a state where shooters' abilities are no longer fairly represented amongst the members of the club, particularly compared to USPSA rankings.
  • Most member's classifications have been changed in the shooter database back to their USPSA class for use at the Charity Match, which is also the first match of the quarter, so this would be a very good time to make the switch permanent.

(October 98)

Important changes for 4th quarter

2 matches per month in the fall

Rather than revert to one match per month for the fall quarter, we will continue with 2 matches per month, for a total of 6 matches in the tournament than runs from October to December. As always, the Bay Bridge Charity Classic counts as the first match of the quarter.

Compete in both Open and Limited divisions

Also effective this quarter, only your best 3 scores for the quarter will be used to determine finish and trophies for each class and division. This change will allow shooters to shoot in both Open and Limited in a quarter, and qualify for awards and club promotion in each division.

(September 98)

New scoring and trophy awards policy

IPSC and USPSA has recently decided to score tournaments as separate divisions. The TASC board has decided to do the same with our club matches. This affects all matches conducted in this quarter (Q2 1998) and all future matches. TASC will continue to use club scores, awards, and class promotions to encourage shooters in a small club environment that values participation more than competition. But since the club also has limited resources, it will try to spread out the awards as widely as possible.

Separate divisions and awards

The most noticeable change is that shooters will be classified and scored in either Open or Limited division, and your scores and percentages will be based on that division only. So now, a Limited shooter will be compared solely with other Limited shooters for official scoring purposes, instead of possibly against an Open shooter with a superior equipment advantage.

As a result of this change, category awards to Seniors, Ladies, and Juniors will also be awarded by Open and Limited division. Shooters who qualify for multiple awards will be treated in the same manner as before: if a person qualifies to win both a class and a category award, the shooter will be awarded the class trophy, and the category award will be given to the next person who qualifies. Limited and Open Match winners will also be treated the same as before: match winner trophies will be awarded to the highest average score in the division, and the first place class trophy will be given next highest average in the class.


Class promotions, as before, will only occur if the shooter finishes with an average that is in the next higher class AND he/she is awarded a trophy. If the quarterly scoring average is within 1% of a new class, the shooter will be asked if he/she would be willing to go up in class to make room for another shooter to win a trophy.

(July 98)

Junior Shooter Camp Proposed for August

Mark Van Zevern is trying to arrange a weekend Jr. shooter camp. Grand Master JoJo Vidanes has agreed to run the course. Cost is expected to be $150. Space will be limited to approx. 10 Junior shooters. Tenative date is sometime in August. Anyone interested can contact Mark for more info.

(May 98)

Special CRO Class forming, Aug. 15-16

Subject: CRO Class
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 22:18:01 -0700
From: Carl Schmidt

Greetings Everyone,
Shasta Shooters will be hosting a Level II training seminar on August 15-16. We will only be able to handle 20 people. If any one is interested please have them contact me ASAP. Bill Kehoe will be the instructor for the day and a half class. The cost will be $65.

Carl Schmidt
Section Coordinator, Nor-Cal Section, Area II
President Shasta Shooters
(530) 549-3319

(May 98)

Slots for the Nationals to be awarded by raffle on May 23

Requirements: You must be a current member of the club, and you must have shot at TASC for 1 quarter in that category (Limited or Open) in the year that the slots were earned.

PLEASE do not enter unless you intend to use the slot (they are NOT transferable). If you will not be at the match but want to be in the raffle, contact James Saburomaru or Dirk Zahtilla.

(May. 98)

TASC Board Elections June 13

It's time to vote for officers again. The election will be held at the June 13th match. Members are welcome to run for any of the elected board positions, which includes a currently vacant postion for an Alternate Board Member.

(May. 98)

Membership Update

Just a reminder that all memberships expire on December 31. Application forms are available now. See Dirk Zatilla to join TASC for 1998, or renew by mail. Applications are available on this site.

(Updated Dec. 97)

TASC Christmas Party
Potluck dinner
December 20th, 6:00pm
Hosted by David & Judy Shahenian
RSVP 408-272-5596

Important: match schedule and range use reminder

Just a reminder that TASC is now on it's Fall and Winter schedules. Club matches are still on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The 4th Saturday is reserved for 1/2 day practice sessions. The practice sessions start at @1300hrs. Shooters are reminded that no one will be allowed on the range until 1230hrs.

Any shooter who arrives earlier must stay off the range until 1230hrs! This is a Chabot range rental agreement; so please stay out of the range area, including the cover area.

The only exceptions to this rule are holster qualification classes, or any current Chabot rod and gun club member with approval from rangemaster John Maunder. Any questions, please contact me.

(By James Saburomaru, Nov. 97)

1997 Bay Bridge Charity Classic

The 97 BBCC match was a tremendous success! This couldn't have happened without the involement of all the members and volunteers who participated in organizing this event. A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to this year's Match Commissioner, Mark Van Zevern. Thanks Mark, for devoting the countless man-hours, all the telephone calls to the sponsors and contributors for the match. Thank you to TASC T4T committee...thank you TASC!

(By James Saburomaru, Nov. 97)

From the Commish

The Bay Bridge Charity Classic - 1997 is over. TASC and it's members can be extremely proud of our accomplishments. the 1997 match raised over $8,800 . We will now go on a shopping spree and hopefully deliver approx. $14,000 of toys to the Marines. As commissioner, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of TASC for the help you provided in making B.B.C.C 1997 such a success.

(By Mark Van Zevern, Nov. 97)

Toys for Tots Update

As a committee member on the Santa Clara Valley Toys for Tots Board, I would like to thank everyone that participated in and helped out with the Bay Bridge Charity Classic. As usual, it was a complete success and it would not have happened without all you! I would like to update you on the committee's events for the holiday season. We need as much help as possible from all of you! If you would like to have a donation barrel at your place of employment, let me know and I will arrange it with the Marines. The events that the Santa Clara Valley Committee coordinates are:

The Turkey Trot on November 22nd. A family oriented 5k/10k run/walk. If you would like to participate in the run/walk, I have entry forms and would be more than happy to provide you with one (or more). Super Saturday on December 13th. This is in conjunction with San Jose's Christmas in the Park. We try to fill up a Santa Clara County Transit bus with toys!

If you are able to volunteer time at either of these functions, please let me know. I would like to see a large turnout of TASC volunteers at the Turkey Trot! And once again, THANK YOU!

(By Kathy Littman, Nov. 97)

TASC honors 2 members and Dan Ruff, and some notes about the Charity Match...

David Meeds and Gary Ashcavai, two outstanding members were honored this summer to recognize their fine talents and leadership.

David Meeds now joins TASC's ELITE Club of members for his contributions for being Match Director and Statistican. Dave had taken on the two worst and hardest job positions that nobody in their sane mind would have never had taken for one day! But Dave took on both, at the same time, for two long years! Let me remind you I said, "anybody in their sane mind". Dave has now retired and boy are we all glad, heís just another Joe Shooter like the rest of us and have you all noticed how his scores improved!

Gary Ashcavai has received the TASC Special Achievement Award for leading TASC to new heights. Gary is responsible for the development of the TASC web page. Gary is also the editor/publisher/carrier of the TASC newsletter and is also the current club Statistician! Gary has devoted many long and late night hours, ensuring that all communications and match results are posted promptly and accurately. If you don't believe me, just ask his wife Kathy! Hi Kathy, thanks for letting Gary come out and play! But his biggest accomplishment was the handling of the TASC Bay Area Charity Classic. Gary was a one-man show, he designed the layout for the shooter booklet, printed all shooter information, shooters labels, score cards, and handled all the scorekeeping duties. Gary, have you seen your psychiatrist lately?

The 1997 Bay Area Charity Classic was a huge success raising nearly $25,000 in donated merchandise. In fact, if you were to total the past 5 charity events together, you come up with a figure close to $90,000 in donated prizes! On another note TASC has donated nearly $75,000 in toys, generated by shooter fees, raffle tickets and donations to the Toys for Tots Program. That's not bad, not bad at all!

With all the endeavors of the current and past match commissioners and all the people who have helped for this great cause, there is one person who stands out in the crowd. That person is Dan Ruff. Dan was instrumental in consulting and guiding charity Match Commissioners during these past events. Without Dan's expertise in such matters, TASC wouldn't have nearly accomplished the stature in which TASC is today. During the this year's Charity Match banquet, Dan was honored by TASC with 2 special awards. One for his contributions in helping TASC with the charity match and the other as an Honorary Member of TASC. Dan, thanks for all your help and being in our corner for us and helping the children!

Thanks David, Gary, and Dan for all that you guys have done for TASC.

(By James Saburomaru, Nov. 97)

Get your match scores mailed to you

If you do not have internet access, but you’d like to know your match scores before the end of the quarter, you can request to have them mailed to you. Contact Kathy Littman to make the arrangements. (Nov. 97)

Chabot Membership Drive extended to August 13th

If want to become a member of the Chabot Gun Club, with the intention of voting in the upcoming board elections, the interim board of directors has extended the cutoff date to Wednesday, August 13, and probably beyond For more information or membership applications, contact Chabot at 510-569-0213, or TASC secretary Kathy Littman at 408-453-3100. Of course, you can join anytime and enjoy membership benefits, such as the ability to practice on the unused ranges (after obtaining the proper approvals from the TASC and Chabot officers. (August 97)

It's the Law, man...

Did you know that the club by-laws stipulate that members of TASC are also supposed to have a current membership in the NRA? If you are not a member, see JoAnn Kritzer at the match. She's got the forms. Or call her at 510-656-0417. (July 97)

Fun Shoot Photos of YOU

If you shot the morning stages at the Fun Shoot on July 12th, your photo was taken by Bill Bowers. So, if you ever wanted a photo of yourself in action, now's your chance. Bill will have his sample photos available for your inspection at the first match in August. You can place an order for 5x7 or 8x10 prints from him with a S5.00 deposit. Word is that some of the photos came out really well, so be sure to check them out. (July 97)

More pictures...

TASC Fun Shoot, July 12

The officers of TASC looked for a way to give something back to the members. They came up with the idea of an unusual day at the range which would include regular Stages in the morning to count for the quarterly score, and a stake shoot and a steel challenge.

At noon the club sposored a Bar-B-Cue of hot dogs, hamburgers , hot links and sodas. Club members each brought a side dish. The morning match consisted of a fast shooting steel stage and an even faster paper stage. Rumor has it that Roy Gong was match winner. In the afternoon teams of 4 shooters Took turns sawing 2x4's in half From a distance of 15 yards. The SUPER team ( named so only because of their fire arm caliber.) went into the shoot as the favorites and prevailed despite close compitition from the other 5 teams.

The steel challenge proved to be very popular. Shooters would challeng each other in a man on man best two out of three speed shoot of 6 steel poppers. I personally found out that beeting James was harder than saying his last name All in all every shooter seemed to really be enjoying the day and are allready looking foreward to fun day 98.

SPECIAL THANKS to James for all the hard work buying the food with Bob J. then cooking it up for the hungry shooters. Thanks also to Bill Bowers for comming out to take pictures.

And a huge THANKS to the members for being members of TASC.


(from Mark Van Zevern, July 97)


Planning for this years charity match are well under way. The committee is metting the last Wed. each month and all are working hard. Now is the time to really work the sponsors. If you know any or have some ideas let us Know. If you wish to join the committee see Mark at the classifier match on July 26. (from Mark Van Zevern, July 97)

TASC Newsletter

The April version will be available at the next match at Chabot. It will contain the available match scores for the last two quarters. (March 97)

Bob Jones Honored

Bob Jones, last original member of TNSL (Tuesday night shooting league, now known as TASC), was honored this January. He was recognized for his outstanding contributions as club Secretary since the formation of the club, and for his endeavors as Match Director of the Bay Area Charity Match Classic(s), and for the Toys for Tots program. Bob joins an elite class of individuals who were instrumental toward the growth developement of TASC. Former members honored are: Ebert Kan, past Club President for his outstanding leadership and Jeffery Ignatovich, who spear headed TASC into the Toys for Tots charity event.

Thanks Bob, for all you've done for TASC. Keep up the great work and see you at the next match!!!! (by James Saburomaru) (March 97)

1997 TASC Memberships

It's time to renew and update your information. Please be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip, phone nos., and e-mail address. Be sure to include your e-mail address, as match scores and news may soon become available on the internet again. Cost: $24.00 for the entire year (prorated). Turn in your renewals to Bob Jones, Nolan Symth, or Gary Ashcavai. Or mail directly to: Bob Jones, 1009 E. Captiol Expressway #128, San Jose, CA 95121. Make checks payable to Bob Jones / TASC. (Jan 97)

Golden Bullet Newsletter

The newsletter of the Northern California Section of USPSA Area II is now available. It features information about clubs, locations, match dates in our Section. To subscribe, send $5.00 (checks only) and your name, address, phone, and email address to: Steve McCormick, Golden Bullet Editor, 3600 Data Drive #290, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670. Steve can be reached at 916-853-3556. (Jan 97)

Some versions are available online at The Northern California Section USPSA Area II web page.

Classified Ads

Caspian 38super race gun, comp, Tasco, 5 mags. Built by Nowlin. Less than 1000 rnds. $2800. If interested, call Gillis Johnson, 415.375.8822, Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., or eve./wknd at 415.731.6965. (Sept.96)

USPSA Safe Gunhandling Instructors

USPSA headquarters in Sedro Wolley has started a program to teach safe gun handling techniques and the safety rules of IPSC competition to new shooters. The purpose of this course is to ensure that new shooters who are interested in competing will receive consistent instruction on safety and the rules of competition from the various affiliated clubs. TASC's safety instructors consist of James Saburomaru (principal) and Roy Gong. A few months ago we took certification examinations and are currently awaiting word about our status. Meanwhile, back at HQ, USPSA is still trying to figure out a plan to get this program off the ground. Once this program is started, we will receive student guidebooks to hand out to each new shooter and will be able to offer a full-blown safety course (the USPSA way, of course). In the meantime, Roy and I will continue to teach holster qual's during TASC's match days. So if any of your friends were ever interested or are thinking about getting started in IPSC competition, now is the time. Have them contact James or Roy, c/o TASC at 415-329-4680. (by James Saburomaru) (Sept.96)

Refuse To Be A Victim

During the first weekend in May I had the distinct honor of attending the first-ever training seminar in California for the NRA’s newest program, Refuse To Be A Victim. Previously, only 102 women were certified nationwide to teach this class. The thirty women in my class were incredible– most were certified firearms instructors, active in the fight for Second Amendment rights, and active in Members Councils, Friends of the NRA, or the ILA. I met school teachers, police officers, a 19 year old who is working to establish an air range for kids, and a 60-something retired WAF. Refuse To Be A Victim is a program developed by the women of the NRA. Specifically it was an idea of Tanya Metaksa. It is a three-hour confidential seminar for women, taught by women. The class provides the tools for women to develop their own personal safety strategy. It includes information on the psychology of criminal predators; home, travel, and auto security; phone security; and physical security, with an overview of self-defense training options and personal training devices. When this program was introduced to the public in 1993, the media accused the NRA of using the seminar to encourage more women to buy a gun, calling the program an effort to recruit women to join the NRA. In truth, firearms are discussed in class as one option available to women, and it is never suggested that they should join the NRA. The seminar took place in Orange County, funded by a grant from the Southern California Friends of the NRA. Originally it was scheduled to take place in the bay area, but a man in the Northern California Friends of the NRA cancelled the grant because the seminar excluded men. Four other northern California women and I were included, thanks to the generosity of the Southern California Friends of the NRA. We provided our own food, transportation, and lodging. Now we get to the real reason I’m writing this article. You may have to defend me or this program one day, so I would like to explain the reasons behind this “women only” philosophy. When the Refuse To Be A Victim program was in the planning stages, hundreds of women that were polled unanimously stated that attending the seminar with men would be too intimidating, and would prevent them from speaking out in an environment that they didn’t feel was confidential. Some of the women who have taken advantage of this seminar have come from abusive relationships, were victims of violence, or were being stalked or terrorized by a man. The seminar has sometimes included men in the past (if all the women agreed to a man being present), but in most cases it didn’t work out. My original intent in wanting to teach this class was to show women that other self-defense devices are inferior to firearms. I now accept the fact that some women will never be comfortable with a firearm and need to know their other options. Refuse To Be A Victim is a valuable education. (by JoAnn Kritzer) (Sept.96)

NRA Members Councils

Are you a member of your local NRA Members Council? They need your support. Members Councils are grassroots organizations founded to keep an eye on local gun issues. These councils are self-supporting, but operate under the guidelines of the NRA. It is interesting to note that Members Councils are an “only in California” thing. The NRA has tried to start them in other states, but so far has been unsuccessful. The Alameda County Members Council successfully fought the proposed city council ban of FFL dealers in the city of Newark, after the city of Fremont had passed a similar ordinance that will ban all dealers from their city by 1997. The Members Council in San Jose is presently fighting the gun show ban at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, and also the threat to gun rentals at Target Masters in Milpitas. Call your hotline and keep informed:
NRA Members Council of Alameda County 510-795-6890
NRA Members Council of Silicon Valley 408-235-9175
Golden Gate United NRA Members Council (of Marin County and San Francisco) 415-464-0306
(by JoAnn Kritzer) (Sept.96)

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