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Recent projects as a consultant include:
•   Photography, design, production, and web design for a book on art in the collection at Hearst Castle State Park.
•   Branding, collateral, UI graphics, web design, and product/documentary photography for a number of small companies and large corporations, including ebrary, Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials, Phoenix Technologies, Trail Designs LLC, VeEX Inc., Mental Models, and Walker Barrier Systems.

At ebrary Inc., a web-based information services provider, soley responsible for all design and art direction for engineering, marketing, sales, and executive staff.
•   Designed user interface graphics, the corporate web site, product web sites, and online Help, using Orion, CVS, JSP, XMLC, and other tools.
•   For marketing and sales, designed identifiers, print/online collateral and advertising, exhibition graphics, and presentation graphics.

At Sun Microsystems, provided design services for applications, internal and external web information, print and online documentation and collateral.
•   Projects included FrameMaker templates, PDF formatting, HTML authoring, illustrations, covers, collateral, and online advertising for the Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines.
•   Designed splash screens, about boxes, icons, boot-prom sequences, and other human interface elements for HotJava Browser 3.0 and other applications for multiple platforms and operating systems.
•   Web site design and implementation in HTML and XML for internal engineering groups.

At Taligent Inc., provided design services to a 45-person Technical Communications group:
•   Designed and produced covers, text, poster, and packaging for multiple versions of the CommonPoint documentation set: 16 volumes (2500+ pages), delivered in print and HTML.
•   Developed FrameMaker templates for books and training courseware, which were also optimized for conversion to HTML.
•   Wrote the production group specifications and process document.
•   Compiled documents using MIF and MPW.
•   Designed and produced covers, text, and illustrations for four trade books published by Addison-Wesley.
•   Designed and art directed over 1500 conceptual illustrations for publications and courseware.
•   Designed interface graphics and formats for the online information deliverables.
•   Assisted in the design of an object oriented programming notation system.
•   In addition to other collateral design projects, designed, specified, fabricated, and assembled 400 employee awards.

At Ashton-Tate, designed and produced conventional and graphics-based documentation, interface graphics, illustration, and other projects, using a wide variety of evolving production methods.
•   Documentation deliverables for products spanned 18 initial releases and 20 revisions, including dBase IV - 13 books, 2200 pages.
•   Designed and wrote their first corporate identity manual and standardized document format specifications for international and cross-platform applications.
•   Art directed, designed, and produced an in-house magazine.
•   Designed exhibit graphics for MacWorld trade show.

Documentation manual design, reference guides, illustration, online help, and specification sheets for Frame Technology, Symantec Corporation, Slate Corporation, Crosspoint Solutions, Nomadic Systems, and Philips Semiconductors.

Collateral, corporate identity implementation and annual report projects for Ashton-Tate, the U.S. Olympic Committee, First Interstate Bank, United California Bank, IBM, PBS, Max Factor, Tiger International, Bergen Brunswick, Husqvarna, IXOS, the National Archives & Record Administration, and the University of California.

Photo art direction for advertising, collateral, editorial, and annual reports for Ashton-Tate, Jefferies Association, Kamifuji/Higa & Associates, Matrix Design Consultants, and R. Thomas Schorer & Associates.

Produced graphics for multimedia for the Voyager Company.